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/ Alta Editions
Award-winning digital cookbook featuring top chefs
UX / UI Design, Responsive
The e-book publisher, Alta Editions selected Concentric to design their latest digital cookbook series, The Journey. The Journey focuses on four inspiring New York City chefs sharing their personal experiences inside and outside the kitchen along with a diverse range of recipes. This is no ordinary e-book. It is not only a beautiful and immersive reading experience but all the ingredients and cookware for each recipe are available for purchase directly from the app whether on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.
“Concentric created more than just a beautiful design. They conceived a flexible responsive system that was compelling and easy to use.”
Chris McBride, Founder and Publisher of Alta Editions

The Journey was a fun project to work on—everyone in the studio is a foodie and looking at beautiful dishes while working isn’t such a bad thing to do. The end results were equally satisfying. Reviews have been wonderful, with many superlatives such as “beautiful” and “gorgeous” used to describe the e-book. The Journey has also garnered considerable industry recognition and won some important awards including the 2014 IACP E-Cookbook award.

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