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International affairs website undergoes a redesign
UX / UI Design, Web / App Development
Concentric Studio was selected by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) to complete an extensive redesign and rebuild of their website. Since 1921, CFR has been a leading nonpartisan membership organization, publisher and think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. Our work focused on addressing a number of elements for both the website and companion iPhone app—better aligning the new site design with the CFR identity, improving the user interface and upgrading the overall code base.

After defining the overall user experience and content strategy for the new site and iPhone app, we began work on the interface design, developing concepts that better aligned with the CFR identity established by their annual reports, print articles and other publications. Once the concept designs were reviewed and finalized with the CFR team, we extended the completed design to the remaining website and iPhone app templates. On the development side, we had a number of initiatives underway. As the design templates were completed, we built the front-end code and integrated the templates into the content management system. This was a highly collaborative process between our studio and CFR to get everything ready for the launch. We were grateful to be a part of the project and thrilled with the results.

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