Concentric | A Digital Creative Studio
/ Toyota
Defining a new digital platform for the connected car
UX / UI Design, Creative Prototyping
Concentric provided art direction and concept design for a new digital initiative with Toyota. The project involved multiple agencies with the client and lead agency in Tokyo and our partner agency, Free Association, in New York. We did an intensive deep dive to create a web-based platform for Toyota owners to obtain real-time maintenance alerts, status updates and usage statistics on their cars. It takes the idea of the connected car to a completely new level.

Our work focused on the overall interface design for the website as well as establishing a flexible system across viewports to accommodate real-time alerts and updated data display. It was a whirlwind project with a 24-hour work cycle that was challenging but fun to work on. These are the type of projects we love—conceiving user experiences that enhance people’s lives by making everyday things more accessible, efficient and easier to use.

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